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Info Hash:
  1. Nupur's misses her bus-NA.mp4409.83 MB
  2. Benji helps Samrat-NA.mp4205.52 MB
  3. Chironju irritates Nupur- Mayank-NA.mp4200.72 MB
  4. Dia announces a twist-NA.mp4207.48 MB
  5. Dia asks Samrat for a date-NA.mp4204.86 MB
  6. Dia is jealous of Gunjan-NA.mp4205.86 MB
  7. Dia mocks Gunjan-NA.mp4200.29 MB
  8. Dia's boyfriend, Guru-NA.mp4200.63 MB
  9. Exam preparation-NA.mp4312.20 MB
  10. Gunjan apologises to Samrat-NA.mp4203.78 MB
  11. Gunjan appreciates Samrat-NA.mp4195.61 MB
  12. Gunjan defends Samrat-NA.mp4200.13 MB
  13. Gunjan dreams about Samrat-NA.mp4199.28 MB
  14. Gunjan feels happy-NA.mp4205.66 MB
  15. Gunjan is surprised to see Samrat-NA.mp4200.98 MB
  16. Gunjan learns about Samrat's bet-NA.mp4199.10 MB
  17. Gunjan prepares notes for Samrat-NA.mp4196.44 MB
  18. Gunjan shocks Samrat-NA.mp4202.74 MB
  19. Gunjan suspects Purab-NA.mp4212.76 MB
  20. Gunjan to meet her secret admirer-NA.mp4208.92 MB
  21. Gunjan waits for the admirer-NA.mp4197.57 MB
  22. Gunjan wins first place-NA.mp4199.64 MB
  23. Mayank accuses Nupur-NA.mp4204.24 MB
  24. Mayank against Nupur-NA.mp4205.71 MB
  25. Mayank and Nupur argue again-NA.mp4208.19 MB
  26. Mayank and Nupur prepare to leave-NA.mp4194.85 MB
  27. Mayank collects the wood-NA.mp4208.87 MB
  28. Mayank consoles Gunjan-NA.mp4204.30 MB
  29. Mayank falls for Nupur-NA.mp4195.68 MB
  30. Mayank finds Nupur's letter-NA.mp4201.62 MB
  31. Mayank is disturbed-NA.mp4197.97 MB
  32. Mayank protects Nupur from goons-NA.mp4198.46 MB
  33. Mayank Taunts Nupur-NA.mp4214.11 MB
  34. Mayank's new partner, Ishika-NA.mp4204.44 MB
  35. Nupur acts as Mayank's wife-NA.mp4202.07 MB
  36. Nupur and Mayank argue-NA.mp4212.61 MB
  37. Nupur and Mayank fight-NA.mp4202.48 MB
  38. Nupur and Mayank go to Ahmedabad-NA.mp4209.45 MB
  39. Nupur and Mayank win-NA.mp4207.84 MB
  40. Nupur asks Mayank to marry her-NA.mp4199.43 MB
  41. Nupur consoles Samrat-NA.mp4202.39 MB
  42. Nupur dreams about her love life-NA.mp4196.30 MB
  43. Nupur gets drunk-NA.mp4197.58 MB
  44. Nupur shares with Mayank-NA.mp4199.79 MB
  45. Nupur surprises Mayank-NA.mp4200.09 MB
  46. Nupur taunts Mayank-NA.mp4197.24 MB
  47. Nupur to unite Samrat, Gunjan-NA.mp4204.32 MB
  48. Nupur's challenge for Mayank-NA.mp4406.94 MB
  49. Aparajita makes fun of Gunjan-NA.mp4209.07 MB
  50. Purab boosts Gunjan's confidence-NA.mp4202.30 MB
  51. RJ hunt auditions begin-NA.mp4208.54 MB
  52. Samrat and Purab meet-NA.mp4214.89 MB
  53. Samrat dances with Dia-NA.mp4194.19 MB
  54. Samrat gives a rose to Gunjan-NA.mp4209.59 MB
  55. Samrat sings at the party-NA.mp4208.39 MB
  56. Samrat stands up for Gunjan-NA.mp4332.51 MB
  57. Samrat teaches dance to Gunjan-NA.mp4203.06 MB
  58. Samrat tells Gunjan to sing-NA.mp4205.19 MB
  59. Samrat to teach Gunjan-NA.mp4194.08 MB
  60. Samrat tricks Dia-NA.mp4201.17 MB
  61. Samrat wants Gunjan to win-NA.mp4203.66 MB
  62. Samrat's nightmare-NA.mp4204.66 MB
  63. Samrat's plan to apologize-NA.mp4206.77 MB
  64. Samrat, Gunjan's Movie Date-NA.mp4195.34 MB
  65. Uday asks CJ for the ball-NA.mp4208.36 MB
  66. Uday gifts a recorder to Nupur-NA.mp4202.58 MB