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Info Hash:
  1. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/DRIVING02.SPD0 bytes
  2. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13C4.SPD0 bytes
  3. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01C4.SPD0 bytes
  4. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53C1.SPD0 bytes
  5. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10C4.SPD0 bytes
  6. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53C0.SPD0 bytes
  7. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53.SPD0 bytes
  8. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02C0.SPD0 bytes
  9. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02C1.SPD0 bytes
  10. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02C2.SPD0 bytes
  11. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02C3.SPD0 bytes
  12. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52C4.SPD0 bytes
  13. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51C4.SPD0 bytes
  14. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50C4.SPD0 bytes
  15. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02C4.SPD0 bytes
  16. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03.SPD0 bytes
  17. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03C0.SPD0 bytes
  18. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03C1.SPD0 bytes
  19. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03C2.SPD0 bytes
  20. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43C4.SPD0 bytes
  21. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/DRIVING00.SPD0 bytes
  22. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/DRIVING01.SPD0 bytes
  23. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03C4.SPD0 bytes
  24. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC03C3.SPD0 bytes
  25. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/DRIVING04.SPD0 bytes
  26. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22C4.SPD0 bytes
  27. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53C2.SPD0 bytes
  28. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43C3.SPD0 bytes
  29. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43C2.SPD0 bytes
  30. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43C1.SPD0 bytes
  31. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43C0.SPD0 bytes
  32. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC43.SPD0 bytes
  33. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42C4.SPD0 bytes
  34. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41C4.SPD0 bytes
  35. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53C3.SPD0 bytes
  36. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40C4.SPD0 bytes
  37. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH12.SPD0 bytes
  38. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33C4.SPD0 bytes
  39. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC53C4.SPD0 bytes
  40. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33C3.SPD0 bytes
  41. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33C2.SPD0 bytes
  42. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33C1.SPD0 bytes
  43. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33C0.SPD0 bytes
  44. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC33.SPD0 bytes
  45. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32C4.SPD0 bytes
  46. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31C4.SPD0 bytes
  47. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30C4.SPD0 bytes
  48. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23C0.SPD0 bytes
  49. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23C4.SPD0 bytes
  50. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23C3.SPD0 bytes
  51. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH16.SPD0 bytes
  52. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH17.SPD0 bytes
  53. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH18.SPD0 bytes
  54. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23C2.SPD0 bytes
  55. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21C4.SPD0 bytes
  56. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23C1.SPD0 bytes
  57. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC23.SPD0 bytes
  58. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13C3.SPD0 bytes
  59. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13C2.SPD0 bytes
  60. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13C1.SPD0 bytes
  61. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13C0.SPD0 bytes
  62. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00.SPD0 bytes
  63. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00C0.SPD0 bytes
  64. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00C1.SPD0 bytes
  65. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00C2.SPD0 bytes
  66. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00C3.SPD0 bytes
  67. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC00C4.SPD0 bytes
  68. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC13.SPD0 bytes
  69. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12C4.SPD0 bytes
  70. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20C4.SPD0 bytes
  71. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11C4.SPD0 bytes
  72. READ ME.txt500 bytes
  73. Big Mutha Truckers/Data/HDFILES.DAT7.46 KB
  74. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/POLICE.SPD22.00 KB
  75. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/BLANK1.WMA24.30 KB
  76. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/BLANK2.WMA24.30 KB
  77. Big Mutha Truckers/Thumbs.db30.50 KB
  78. Big Mutha Truckers/Data/CDFILES.DAT43.20 KB
  79. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH20.SPD70.00 KB
  80. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/BONUS.SPD88.00 KB
  81. Big Mutha Truckers/empire_ntsc.wmv168.65 KB
  82. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/DRIVING03.SPD324.00 KB
  83. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH01.SPD328.00 KB
  84. Big Mutha Truckers/thq_ntsc.wmv339.45 KB
  85. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/GERALDS_GARAGE.WMA344.30 KB
  86. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/ANTHEM.WMA347.11 KB
  87. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE03.SPD376.00 KB
  88. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE01.SPD382.00 KB
  89. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE02.SPD382.00 KB
  90. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH03.SPD402.00 KB
  91. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MURPHYS_TRAWLER.WMA405.05 KB
  92. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE04.SPD408.00 KB
  93. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH15.SPD412.00 KB
  94. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE05.SPD438.00 KB
  95. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH21.SPD446.00 KB
  96. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/ALIBARBAR.WMA447.27 KB
  97. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH14.SPD452.00 KB
  98. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH11.SPD464.00 KB
  99. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH24.SPD464.00 KB
  100. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH02.SPD484.00 KB
  101. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LOANREPO01.SPD488.00 KB
  102. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH22.SPD490.00 KB
  103. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHALLENGE00.SPD512.00 KB
  104. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH00.SPD516.00 KB
  105. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH13.SPD520.00 KB
  106. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH10.SPD546.00 KB
  107. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH26.SPD562.00 KB
  108. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH23.SPD578.00 KB
  109. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH09.SPD620.00 KB
  110. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/ZEKES.WMA624.53 KB
  111. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CHAKRA_BLUES.WMA627.02 KB
  112. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH25.SPD664.00 KB
  113. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MORTS_GARAGE.WMA674.45 KB
  114. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LUCKY_PIERRE.WMA678.95 KB
  115. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LOANREPO02.SPD684.00 KB
  116. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH08.SPD688.00 KB
  117. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LOANREPO05.SPD702.00 KB
  118. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/SAMS_DINER.WMA717.73 KB
  119. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/OTIS_GARAGE.WMA728.10 KB
  120. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH05.SPD734.00 KB
  121. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/JEANPAUL.WMA743.99 KB
  122. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH27.SPD750.00 KB
  123. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH04.SPD766.00 KB
  124. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH06.SPD784.00 KB
  125. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH07.SPD794.00 KB
  126. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LOANREPO04.SPD826.00 KB
  127. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CLUBMUSIC.WMA861.41 KB
  128. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21C3.SPD932.00 KB
  129. Big Mutha Truckers/outro_1_ntsc.wmv1.02 MB
  130. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/MISSPEECH19.SPD1.03 MB
  131. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/LOANREPO03.SPD1.09 MB
  132. Big Mutha Truckers/outro_3_ntsc.wmv1.12 MB
  133. Big Mutha Truckers/eutechnyx_ntsc.wmv1.14 MB
  134. Big Mutha Truckers/outro_0_ntsc.wmv1.14 MB
  135. Big Mutha Truckers/outro_2_ntsc.wmv1.16 MB
  136. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10C0.SPD1.16 MB
  137. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10C1.SPD1.24 MB
  138. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10C3.SPD1.26 MB
  139. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/CASINO.WMA1.31 MB
  140. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50C1.SPD1.38 MB
  141. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51C3.SPD1.53 MB
  142. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50C2.SPD1.56 MB
  143. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC02.SPD1.61 MB
  144. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50C3.SPD1.69 MB
  145. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21C1.SPD1.72 MB
  146. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51C0.SPD1.73 MB
  147. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50C0.SPD1.74 MB
  148. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41C0.SPD1.84 MB
  149. Big Mutha Truckers Cover.jpg1.86 MB
  150. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10C2.SPD1.87 MB
  151. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31C0.SPD1.88 MB
  152. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21C0.SPD1.98 MB
  153. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/OLDSKOOLBMT.WMA1.99 MB
  154. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21C2.SPD2.02 MB
  155. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/TUTORIAL_ENG.SPD2.04 MB
  156. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01C3.SPD2.09 MB
  157. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31C1.SPD2.12 MB
  158. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC50.SPD2.12 MB
  159. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC10.SPD2.14 MB
  160. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41C3.SPD2.20 MB
  161. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41C1.SPD2.22 MB
  162. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30C0.SPD2.22 MB
  163. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11C1.SPD2.24 MB
  164. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20C3.SPD2.37 MB
  165. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32C3.SPD2.38 MB
  166. Big Mutha Truckers/default.xbe2.40 MB
  167. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51C2.SPD2.48 MB
  168. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12C0.SPD2.52 MB
  169. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51C1.SPD2.52 MB
  170. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01C1.SPD2.56 MB
  171. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31C2.SPD2.58 MB
  172. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11C0.SPD2.63 MB
  173. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41C2.SPD2.67 MB
  174. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20C2.SPD2.72 MB
  175. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32C0.SPD2.73 MB
  176. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20C1.SPD2.82 MB
  177. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11C2.SPD2.86 MB
  178. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20.SPD2.86 MB
  179. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11C3.SPD2.86 MB
  180. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01C0.SPD2.88 MB
  181. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31C3.SPD2.93 MB
  182. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32C1.SPD2.95 MB
  183. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01C2.SPD2.96 MB
  184. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC20C0.SPD2.96 MB
  185. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12C1.SPD3.01 MB
  186. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52C0.SPD3.14 MB
  187. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42C1.SPD3.23 MB
  188. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30C1.SPD3.27 MB
  189. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42C3.SPD3.32 MB
  190. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30C3.SPD3.39 MB
  191. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22C0.SPD3.54 MB
  192. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30.SPD3.63 MB
  193. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32C2.SPD3.70 MB
  194. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42C2.SPD3.71 MB
  195. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52C2.SPD3.76 MB
  196. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52C1.SPD3.79 MB
  197. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40C3.SPD3.83 MB
  198. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42C0.SPD3.89 MB
  199. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12C3.SPD3.89 MB
  200. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52C3.SPD3.99 MB
  201. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40C2.SPD4.03 MB
  202. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40C1.SPD4.03 MB
  203. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC30C2.SPD4.09 MB
  204. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22C3.SPD4.11 MB
  205. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22C1.SPD4.21 MB
  206. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40C0.SPD4.34 MB
  207. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC41.SPD4.40 MB
  208. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22.SPD4.44 MB
  209. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12C2.SPD4.80 MB
  210. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC40.SPD4.87 MB
  211. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC32.SPD5.35 MB
  212. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC21.SPD5.66 MB
  213. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC11.SPD5.78 MB
  214. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC22C2.SPD6.11 MB
  215. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC01.SPD6.17 MB
  216. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC42.SPD6.44 MB
  217. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC31.SPD6.51 MB
  218. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC12.SPD6.75 MB
  219. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC52.SPD6.98 MB
  220. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/ESCHER.WMA9.29 MB
  221. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/NPC51.SPD9.64 MB
  222. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/KROC.WMA14.45 MB
  223. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/SPACE_108.WMA14.97 MB
  224. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/YAK_FM_CHAT.WMA16.53 MB
  225. Big Mutha Truckers/HDD/YEEHAWFM.WMA18.13 MB
  226. Big Mutha Truckers/intro_ntsc.wmv18.72 MB
  227. Big Mutha Truckers/Data/archive.ar294.59 MB